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Sean ” Ceallaigh (SeŠn M. Kelly)

I, Sean Kelly was born in Dublin, Ireland and have been interested in music ever since. At an early age I learned to play the guitar, piano, tin whistle and harmonica. I set myself a goal of learning to play Amazing Grace on the bagpipes for my wedding, as a surprise for my bride, Sheila. The challenge was that I only had three months to do it. Luckily I met a Pipe Major who was willing to spend the time to teach me. The day of the wedding arrived. Sheila didn't know anything about the bagpipes. At the end of the meal I left the room got the bagpipes and walked back in playing, to my Bride's absolute "Amazement" - although it was not perfect it was enough to show my wife how much I love her - its paid huge dividends ever since!!!

Well after that, I had to carry on learning the pipes. I joined the Dublin Airport Pipe band and have since joined the St Laurence O'Toole St Josephs Pipe Band. I have played solo and with the bands at numerous events and in numerous locations including : Hawaii, Italy, Spain, Scotland, England, California and pretty much all over Ireland. I have also studied piping at the Centre of Piping in Glasgow.

Every event I play at, I treat as important as my own wedding and aim to play at my very best for that audience. I aim that my bagpipe playing gives that event a truly moving sense of occasion.

Sean M. Kelly




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